Prayer Time App

(Masjid Clock)

Masjid Clock Application for Masajid, Madaris, Hospitals, Islamic Schools and Muslim’s Shopping Malls with lots of features.

  • Daily 5 Times Adhaan and Jamaat Time.
  • Automatic Taqweem as per your location.
  • Iftari and Sehri Time facility.
  • Hijri Date Adjustment.
  • Authentic Islamic Message from Quraan/Hadeeth. 
  • Custom Notifications for your masjid.


How to Use
“Prayer Time App (Masjid Clock)”?

Register & Sign in

Step 1: Install Mobile App “Prayer Time App for Client” from Play Store or go to website Then register account and sign in.

Add Masjid

Step 2: After signing in add your Masjid required details like Name, Address etc. for auto set your area prayer Taqweem to set correct prayer time.

Set Prayer Times

Step 3: Now go to settings. Set your Masjid Adhan & Namaz Times, Sehri Iftar Times. Add custom message with text or image for worshipers.

Install App

Step 4: Open Google Play Store of Android TV or Google TV. Then search “Prayer Time App (Masjid Clock)”. Install it on your TV & Select Masjid.

Try Free 10 Days

Step 5: Application will be started. It’s a free trial for 10 days. You can customize all functionality for 10 days free. Hope that you will be satisfied.

Pay & Activate

Step 6: After satisfaction please contact us for paying nominal amount and activate your application. Now, you can enjoy it forever. We are availabe.

Try Prayer Time App for Free

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Prayer Time App (Masjid Clock)
Valuable Features

Five Namaz Times

Daily Five Namaz’s Adhan and Jama’at time as per your Masajid. You can easily manage it by your mobile application or website easily.

Recent Namaz Time

Highlights current Namaz’s Adhan, Jama’at, Start and End Time as per your Masjid and city Taqweem time with our smart Taqweem system.

Next Namaz Times

Shows Next Namaz Time details with Start and End Time with Adhan and Jama’at Time as per your Masjid & location Taqweem time.


Our Smart Taqweem in our PrayerTimeApp works with all location, cities and all Maslak with Shafi and Hanfi time difference.

An Islamic Message

App will show daily an Islamic Message from Quraan & Authorized Hadeeth with multiple languages translation for guidance to right path.

Custom Notification

PrayerTimeApp has really great feature to add any type of announcement of your Masjid in any language for worshipers.

Happy & Satisfied Users of
“Prayer Time App (Masjid Clock)”


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